Cutting Products

  • Cutting Products for Automobile

    • Transmission parts
    • Manual gears
    • Crankshafts

    Cutting Products for Motorcycle

    • Peripherals of Disk Brake
    • Transmission parts
      • Manual Gears
      • Mechanical parts for Engine
      • Crankshafts
  • Cutting Products

Plastic Molding Products

    • Automobile Electronics components
    • Switching parts for Automobile Electronics
    • Optical Disk Drive (ODD) Motor

    ※Our factory is duly licensed to import thermosetting resin, although it is strictly controlled by the government due to the reason of preventing diversion to military use.

  • Plastic Molding Products

Metal Stamping Products品

    • Terminals for Automobile Electrical Components
    • Other parts for Motors
      • Laminated Core
      • Rotor Box
      • Motor Box
    • Other Parts for Commutators
      • Curled Metal Fittings
  • Metal Stamping Products